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After Whitlamesque comes “the worst since McMahon“.

Which analogical cliche will the Opposition pull out next?

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We all (at least, those of us on teh Left) are going to miss Brendan, but kudos to him for recognising where he stands and deciding it’s not a role worth playing:

One thing I’ll never be is some sort of seat warmer.

For Tip, on the other hand, it seems to be the only role he wants. Bolt seems to think it’s a shrewd move; that Tip should keep his eyes on the top job. But even if you assume a Boltian position on Costello’s talent and historical performance, what it (once again) seems to show about Peter Costello is this – that either through wounded pride or sheer indifference, he is happy to leave his talent on the shelf while his party flounders in opposition.

NB: I note that there are now claims from the Costello camp that the offer was never made. If that were true, then the question becomes who is trying to destabilise Hockey’s position from the outset.

UPDATE: Mad Monk as elder statesman. Interestingly, Tony Abbott sounds most credible when acknowledging his complete ignorance:

“I haven’t asked Peter [Costello], I haven’t asked Malcolm [Turnbull], I have no reason to think any offer was made,” he said.

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Exodus 20:3

Judging by his latest sermon, someone needs to remind Tony of the First Commandment.

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Warning signs

You (should) know your party is in trouble when your “best political asset” is:

  • busy preparing for his book release;
  • building a reputation for being silent and inactive in the face of opportunity; and
  • endorsed by Tony Abbott.

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Boogeyman Mk II

Shorter Monk: You guys have fucked up your voting in every state election lately. Don’t fuck up this time.

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The Honest Monk

Tony Abbott earns some credibility points:

“I accept that certain protections, in inverted commas, are not what they were,” he says in the video, broadcast on ABC TV.

“I accept that has largely gone. I accept that.

“I accept that the industrial relations commission doesn’t have the same power to reach into the nook and cranny of every business that it used to have.”

His message to the unfairly sacked workers of Australia? Deal with it:

Mr Abbott also told the function that for a sacked worker, finding a new job was better than using unfair dismissal laws to reverse the decision.

“That is the best protection. Not going off to some judge or industrial commission that might order your employer who you don’t like, and he doesn’t like you, and to keep you in an unhappy partnership forever.”

Great advice, Tony. Unless, of course, having been unfairly sacked from a job reduces your chances of finding employment elsewhere – there might be some issues if a prospective new employer wants a reference from your last boss. Plus, there’s the basic principle of people wanting to clear their own record and establish that they were right. Frankly, if I was unfairly sacked I would probably want to fight it and win back the right to my job – at which point, I would probably quit to avoid that “unhappy partnership”.

By the way, Tony, do your opinions that it is best to break off an unhappy partnership apply to marriage as well?

UPDATE: Gandhi has been tracking the saga today, as Abbott appeared on morning TV endorsing his comments, then condemned the video as a “cut-and-paste job”, and then finally released a transcript that supposedly clears things up.

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Peer review

Tony Abbott critiques his own health plan.

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Rock on!

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer Mad Monk – make sure you watch the ‘Tony Abbott caught swearing at Nicola Roxon’ video if you missed 7.5. More coverage here and here.

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Rock on

The tale of a monk gone mad, by Nicola Roxon.

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The Libs are out in force today, trying to erase last night’s defeat from the media narrative as quickly as possible. The Captain is spruiking his climate fund, announced during last night’s shenanigans. The Mad Monk is throwing money at women who have had breast cancer, with the major funding component being for breast prostheses. And Malcolm Turnbull is tip-toeing very slowly backward from his Captain’s declarations on nuclear energy, which Rudd raised during the debate last night as an issue that hasn’t been spoken about by Team Howard.

It’s all about moving the conversation forward. Tomorrow we will start to hear about how we’re (again – or, perhaps, “finally”) going to get serious about training the Iraqis to handle their own security, so that one day we can leave.

I maintain that Rudd should keep the issue of further debates running – indicate that he would be happy to have a couple more, whenever Howard is available – especially since there are all of these new policy and funding initiatives to discuss.

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