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and not one of them has read the Constitution. Bolt has managed to drum up all of his monkeys into a genuine tizzy by tangling together some of their nastiest boogeymen – a strong woman (who doesn’t hunt moose), judicial (or, in this case, executive) activism, “contemporary values”, and Teh Left. So, they launch into a scathing critique of our new Governor-General – starting with Andrew himself, as he stoops to new levels of idiocy.

By the way, Andrew – I don’t want to scare you even more, but this is wrong:

Actually, the only promise Bryce is called upon to make as Governor General is to be faithful to the Constitution, of which he or she is the ultimate guardian.

The ultimate guardian of the Constitution? I would argue that it’s these folks over here – even this one. Try to keep your head from exploding.

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