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Labor got the hiding they expected and deserved in the NSW by-elections. They may have only lost one seat, but the swing against them speaks volumes. Rees is going to need to eliminate the stench by 2011 or, barring yet another Liberal Party implosion, the Carr-Iemma-Rees dynasty will be over.

The Nats – and, since the Libs chose to stay out of the fight, the coalition – missed out on getting Port Macquarie. That should clear the way for a Liberal candidate to run in 2011.

The ACT seemed to flow the predictions. The attempt to build the swing against Labor into a favourable narrative for the Liberals seems a bit of a stretch – the swing went to the Greens and minor parties. When you boil it down to the total number of seats, Labor lost 2, the Libs regained the seat they had lost when Richard Mulcahy left the party, and the Greens gained 2. So, it might reflect badly on Labor, but this was not a two-party contest.


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Leadership vacuum expands

Now Vaile is going to the back benches.

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Pork for the bush?

Cross-posted from Public Polity:

The Coalition has come under fire today from the Government’s own auditing body, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO). Its audit of the Regional Partnerships Programme, the scheme to fund regional development activities that commenced in 2003, has reached a number of troubling findings about the processes and outcomes of the Programme so far.


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THE Nationals will unveil a television advertising campaign depicting their candidates as young, female and contemporary in a bid to bury the party’s reputation as a refuge for old, out-of-touch men in tweed jackets.

Good luck with that.

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