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Do you remember how the 9/11 attacks happened, and then there was an investigation into whether anything could have been done differently to prevent it, and it turned out that the various government agencies hadn’t been sharing intelligence and information very well? And do you remember how George W Bush (“He Kept Us Safe“) fixed all of that, with his Department of Homeland Security and his daily briefings and his general level of awesomeness?

Well, as the Obama administration begins its plans to close Arkham Asylum Guantanamo Bay, it’s discovering just how effectively information is recorded and shared after seven years of Him Keeping Us Safe:


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The Friday Freebie

The Friday Freebie is where I share an online, open-access resource that I think readers might find interesting and useful. Each week, I will introduce a free resource that I think will be useful to teh angry Leftists – books, podcasts, web sites, etc. The aim is to compile a toolkit for understanding and advancing progressive ideals.

This week’s freebie rounds out our Bush Legacy Project (pending investigations and/or prosecutions). Author Ron Schalow contacted me this week to let me know that his book “Bullshit Artist: The 9/11 Leadership Myth” is now available for free online.

Schalow’s book is a biting  commentary on the actions of the Bush administration’s actions around the time of the 9/11 attacks. He charts the timeline of events on that day, as well as how the Bush administration worked in the days after the event to create a public perception of decisive leadership.

You can read Schalow’s book here – the for-sale version has the footnotes providing sources for all of Schalow’s information about the events. It’s a refreshing antidote to these types of claims – arguing that when the most obvious, serious opportunity for protecting the national security in the past eight years took place, the Bush administration struggled to get the job done, before and during that event.

Do you have a tip for future freebies? Contact me with any suggestions or requests.

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Big Bad Wolf

MegaGeorge digs into the results of the most recent Australian Election Survey and reports that more than half of the respondents:

  • are concerned that there will be a major terrorist attack in Australia in the near future; and
  • support Australia’s involvement in the war on terrorism; but
  • think Australia’s involvement in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism at home; and
  • do not approve of John Howard’s handling of the war in Iraq; however, they
  • do not believe freedom of speech should apply to terrorist sympathisers; and
  • think that police should be able to search such people’s homes without a court order.

In other words, the majority of respondents appear to be worried about terrorism reaching Australian shores and want the government to do something about it. They draw the line at invading another country, but are comfortable with compromising civil liberties at home.

Of course, the questions about freedom of speech and search without a warrant are based on the premise that “groups that are sympathetic to terrorists” are readily identifiable, just like we knew that Haneef guy was a bad apple. I suspect that people would be a lot less happy if made aware that having their own door kicked in was a possibility.

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