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Malcolm says it’s time for the speculation about Peter Costello’s future to stop because the public want to hear about something else. Shouldn’t he be saying that to someone other than the public? I don’t believe we’re responsible for the stupidity of the political/media discourse.


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This is not politics

Sticking a photographer outside the home of a former PM’s daughter, all so you can document her “marriage misery” with pictures of her living alone and leaving her child with the nanny? That’s really sad tabloid journalism. At least save it for those who choose to be celebrities.

Just sayin’.

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Gaza news sources

Although global media attention is focused on the rising death toll in Gaza, it is difficult to know about the accuracy and quality of the reporting. The closure of access to the area means that journalists are often relying on reports from others. Reporters Without Borders is a good place to get information about the restrictions being placed on journalists in the region.

But this might be a good time to share our resources, so here’s a question for people to answer in the comments. Where are you going to get your news about the situation in Gaza?

If you’ve found a good source to get timely and reliable updates, let the rest of us know. Maybe it’s a media site, or maybe it’s a place where reports are coming directly from citizens in the region. Share whatever you’ve got.

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Warmaholic” – that is the new term coined by a virologist who was attempting to argue against the evidence for global warming in today’s Australian.

When I read the column this morning, I found myself asking what evidence Jon Jenkins had to support any of his assertions. He didn’t cite it, and I didn’t have the time or inclination to go looking.

Fortunately, Graham Readfearn did – including talking to the BoM’s acting chief climatologist. This quote from Michael Coughlan sums up The Australian’s status as an outlet for science journalism:

The Australian clearly has an editorial policy. No matter how many times the scientific community refutes these arguments, they persist in putting them out – to the point where we believe there’s little to be gained in the use of our time in responding.

Not unlike their position with respect to political commentary, for that matter. And it seems that this week’s topic du jour is why it is absolutely essential (and morally right) for Israel to do what it has done in Gaza, and whatever else it ends up doing. Sheridan has a column, and there have been plenty of guest op-eds as well.

I wonder what The Australian expects to survive on once it has destroyed its credibility with respect to every issue its journalists are expected to report on?

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As we saw the Liberal Party do last year, the Republicans begin the process of apportioning blame. And suddenly, Andrew is willing to listen to bad words spoken about Sarah Palin – even from anonymous sources.

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That Guy

When I grow up, I want to be a senior political analysis campaign advisory consultant:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  • It is better to have one million page impressions than the respect of your peers.
  • Barack Obama is to blame for the media’s fixation on Joe the Plumber – apparently, he should have known how attracted they are to trivialities over substance and should have stopped John McCain from making Joe the focus of the final debate.
  • Teh Left would not be able to respond to an Andrew Bolt Challenge (what’s more, a “Name One” edition) to find anyone who advocates unrestrained capitalism – but his comments are full of people who do just that. By the way: Congressman Ron Paul.
  • Unconstitutional action is required to rescue the voters of New South Wales. Storm the Bastille!
  • The fact that Arctic sea ice reached the second-lowest level on record this summer (one year after the lowest) was not worth mentioning; the fact that the freeze appears to be ahead of the typical pace this autumn most definitely is.


  • Writing an ugly, pointless, prying article about my preferred Presidential candidate’s spouse is an obvious sign of media bias. The notion that it is just plain shitty journalism can be dismissed without consideration. Consequently, I denounce the New York Times as a conservative mouthpiece for writing this vile smear article in 2006 (NB: Link to that story, along with legitimate commentary on the Cindy McCain story from Glenn Greenwald; further comment from Atrios).

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