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Civil wars aren’t what they used to be. An obsolete coward arguing for an obsolete policy against an increasingly obsolete “leader”.

And since when do “foreigners” get to declare civil war?

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That should put an end to the destabilisation, eh?

ELSEWHERE: If you can’t find other blog posts on this yourself, you’re probably beyond help. Okay, here’s a hint: Pick any of the non-crap links from my blogroll and you ought to find something.

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Brendan’s not taking any of your shit any more, right?

Federal Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson has called a leadership vote for tomorrow morning.

Late this afternoon he called his Liberal colleagues to an unscheduled meeting.

It is understood Dr Nelson is trying to settle the leadership by calling on a vote.

I suspect he’s actually aiming to demonstrate that he has some leadership capacity by calling a meeting and having people turn up.

The uncertainty surrounding this spill is a nice change. There are lots of things to wonder about:

  • One source has apparently suggested Turnbull has the numbers, but what if anyone else throws their hat in the ring?
  • Did Julie protect Brendan from Belinda Neal so she could strike the death blow herself?
  • Will Wilson bring the iron bar?
  • Will Brendan be tallying the votes by whiteboard?
  • Will Tip be signing copies of his book?

ELSEWHERE: Press release at Pollytics; Talk at Larvatus Prodeo and The Poll Bludger;  Breakfast, lunch and dinner at GrodsCorp.

UPDATE: Malcolm’s getting in the game.

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This is just begging to be turned into a reality TV show:

Outspoken Federal Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey has pledged to pursue members of his own party he accuses of deliberately destabilising the leadership.

Interestingly, he hasn’t had anything to say about the Mad Monk popping his head in front of every available camera to agitate for Tip. It’s only now that Turnbull is in the clear that destabilisation is a problem.

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Oh, good grief

So this, apparently, is how it goes:

  • In 1994, when he was not Prime Minister, a politician agreed to hand over the reins to his second-in-command during his second term as PM.
  • Once in power, said politician reneged on his agreement – which would have required him to step aside between the 1998 and 2001 elections.
  • The second-in-command, apart from a minor feint from time to time, remained in place and contributed to the perception of a stable and effective Government, while his leader contested three more elections (2001, 2004, 2007), with the final one ending in the defeat of both leader and Government.
  • Fourteen years after the original agreement, and at least seven years after it became clear that said agreement would not be honoured, the second-in-command seeks redress by writing a book in which he details the betrayal he suffered.

Mr Costello – you, sir, are a loser. There is no other way to describe your character. You believed the assurances of an accomplished liar when he told you he would voluntarily let go power – for your own good and for that of your party. And when it became obvious that his self-interest trumped any commitments he had made, you failed to make any meaningful attempt to hold him to account. You stood by as not one, not two, but three opportunities passed by, in a profession where the most fundamental principle is that to gain power, you need to pursue it.

Some might argue that this demonstrates your loyalty to your party – that you put maintaining an effective Government above your own needs. But that possibility has been demolished by your total antipathy in recent months.

It is time to quit. You are not cut out for this business, and you have gone far beyond the point of appearing foolish.

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Ding. Dong.

He’s not the Messiah – he’s a very naughty boy.

ELSEWHERE: Some people still can’t be convinced it’s over.

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I am Brendan

hear me roar!

NB: When you have to use the media to take a swipe at your colleagues because they are using the media to take swipes at you, your capacity for leadership is pretty much non-existent.

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