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Rule 2: You are not permitted to work in demolition.

It’s good to see these stereotypes and bigoted views satirised.

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Rule 1: You are not permitted to be afraid of flying.

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Feed the fear

It’s a tough time for a columnist blogger wanker commentator like Andrew Bolt. The current economic crisis would require some level of genuine intellect to analyse and there is a shortage of conspiracy theories that would allow him to blame it on teh Left. The McCain-Palin campaign is in freefall and it is becoming hard to mount any credible defence of the Republican candidates’ character or prospects – although Andrew is still game to try it once in a while. It might seem a good time for him to point out that the Iraq war has been won, but there are some problems with that – first of all, he’s done that quite a lot already and people might start to wonder why the country still needs to be occupied, and secondly General Petraeus himself has been speaking a bit too loudly about the fact that victory isn’t an appropriate way to describe the situation.

So what’s a pundit to do when the news is against him but he wants to keep the page impressions ticking over? Well, it appears that he can pull an old classic down from the shelf, blow the dust off, and give it another play. And it goes a little something like this:

Did you know that there are people in this country who are different from other people? Did you know that these people – these different people – often seem to live in neighbourhoods that have a lot of other different people? And did you know that the different people tend to live in neighbourhoods with different people who are different in the same way that they themselves are different? And did you know that these different people are different from you and me? (NB: I am assuming, of course, that you are not one of these different people. I, most certainly, am not. You wouldn’t catch me being different.) And did you know that other different people live in different places from the different people I mentioned previously, but again tend to live near people who are different in the same way that they themselves are? My oh-so-similar friends, there are different people everywhere! In fact, we are in danger of being swamped by differences!


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John Howard’s Australia

Keep your Islamic corpses away from our dead (maytheyrestinpeace).

More on the latest from Camden’s stupidest citizens from Bron at Grodscorp.

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We will decide who will come to Camden and the circumstances in which they come:

The president of the Camden/Macarthur Residents’ Group, Emil Sremchevich, said the Catholic school plan “ticked all the right boxes”, even though he is yet to see its development application.

“Catholics are part of our community so we should be supporting it on this basis alone. We have to welcome them,” Mr Sremchevich told the Herald. “To become part of a community, you need to live in the community. You can’t just turn up.”

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John Howard’s Australia

Alive and well on the outskirts of southwestern Sydney.

Camden Council’s decision may well be justified on planning and development grounds. The statements and actions attributed to the Pauline Hanson impersonator and other ‘concerned locals’ are not. And while the council members may be happy to publicly deny that discrimination or fear motivated their decision-making, did any of them tell the ignorant redneck component of their constituency that it shouldn’t be the basis for their opposition to the proposed school?

ELSEWHERE: Sarah observes that our local media pussyfoots around issues to do with Islamophobia.

UPDATE: More on this at Club Troppo as well.

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John Howard might be gone

but John Howard’s Australia isn’t.

We saw the same attitudes behind this attack at the earlier protest against the school.

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Stuck in the middle with George

Andrew Bolt loves George W. Bush (and hates “the Left”):

If the Left cared as much about freedom as does Bush, this president would leave office as an acknowledged hero. Certainly he’s helped to give more Muslims democracy than any other Western leader in history.

You might want to pour yourself a drink while you allow those two sentences to straighten themselves out in your mind. President Bush is a hero. Bringer of democracy. Saviour of Muslims. And Leftists are snide, hypocritical bastards.

The comments on Andrew’s declaration of his man-crush for Bush are amusing. Bolt is being attacked by people who balk at the notion of Bush as a bringer of freedom – hardly surprising, given Bush’s commitment to curtailing freedom in his own country, not to mention his disastrous invasions of other countries that have killed, maimed and rendered homeless a considerable number of people. But Bolt is also being attacked by those who insist that Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive. And then there are some loyal Boltheads who think he’s spot on – that Bush is up there with Reagan, and his phone call will have straightened out that Musharraf rascal. Never mind that he took days to make the call, carefully staying out of the discussion around Pakistan (Condoleezza Rice was being put front and centre), or that all Musharraf has done is reiterate what he had already said – that elections would be held soon.

The phone call is an important step, but consistent and legitimate diplomatic pressure needs to be exerted to restore democratic rule in Pakistan – the reinstatement of judges and release of protestors and political opponents might be some things to strive for, as well. That’s if Bush is really interested in Muslim democracies and not just maintaining stability in a counter-terrorism ally.

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John Howard’s Australia

This written piece doesn’t capture the local spirit that was shown on tonight’s ABC News – I’d be very keen to know if the footage becomes available online.

One woman speaking at last night’s meeting said residents were concerned about traffic and they did not want people from Muslim backgrounds like in areas closer to Sydney.

“I believe in everyone having their own religion, whether they’re Catholic, Church of England or Muslims – they’re fine – but I’ve seen what’s happened at Bankstown,” she said.

On the TV coverage, some in the crowd spoke about the fact that “they have terrorists among them” and failure to assimilate. Does attending a Catholic school prevent one from assimilating?

My favourite lady said that if she was wearing a hijab right now, she could have an M16 hidden under it (NB: The judges will have to deduct Idiot Points because she actually knew the word “hijab”).

Pat Farmer might be genuinely concerned about the local area changing – Camden is a pretty place – but I’m afraid you can’t expect a region that is in the Sydney basin and close to a major expressway to stay undeveloped for much longer. And given that Camden is south-west of Sydney, it seems natural that second- and later-generation Islamic families are going to look to settle in areas such as Camden – close to where they grew up, but with more land and possibly more affordable housing.

I can understand that the politicians and organisers might have legitimate concerns that appropriate planning and approval processes are followed. But I have lived in and near areas just like this, and a establishing a private, religious school on a rural block in an area that is expected to see growing residential development is nothing out of the ordinary.

Camden Council can make its decision, and if need be the Land and Environment Court can review their decision. But it’s a sad reflection on where we stand as a society that a potentially legitimate protest gathering was supplemented and tainted by ignorance and intolerance.

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Shorter Albrechtsen:

Malcolm Fraser said the election would be about Muslims.

Nobody is talking about Muslims.

I’m going to talk about Muslims.

Gosh, Malcolm Fraser is stupid.

Happy Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, Janet.

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