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The stimulus package has been blocked in the Senate on a 35-35 vote. Commentary from the economists – Peter Martin and Joshua Gans.

Things I would note:

  • Malcolm and the Coalition completely rejected the package and refused to negotiate.
  • Mr F threw an impassioned wobbly and gave vague indications of what he wanted from the negotiations – and then voted for the package.
  • Xenophon insisted on bringing Murray-Darling action into the package – which both Martin and Gans seem to suggest would not be very relevant or helpful in terms of economic stimulus – and blocked the bill when he didn’t get it.
  • The Greens produced a list of amendments they wanted, negotiated to get some of them from the Government while missing out on others (including the Murray-Darling), and then voted to pass it.

Remember that when people are talking about who in our Parliament are the radicals, the unpredictable, and the obstructionists. And remember it when thinking about who can make an effective source of review in the Senate.

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Nice work, Tim Norton:

Greens rallies in the capital cities tomorrow.

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Hey, look – there’s a political party that is asking the Government to answer questions that would justify its policy. Presumably, this party might base its decision about whether to support or oppose the legislation based on the satisfaction they get from the answers.

By the way, did you know Kevin Rudd is a bit odd?

UPDATE: Via Jeremy, here is video of Senator Ludlam’s questions and Senator Conroy’s non-responses:

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Turns out the Libs didn’t get themselves back up to seven seats in the ACT election – the Greens have picked up a fourth seat at their expense.

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Labor got the hiding they expected and deserved in the NSW by-elections. They may have only lost one seat, but the swing against them speaks volumes. Rees is going to need to eliminate the stench by 2011 or, barring yet another Liberal Party implosion, the Carr-Iemma-Rees dynasty will be over.

The Nats – and, since the Libs chose to stay out of the fight, the coalition – missed out on getting Port Macquarie. That should clear the way for a Liberal candidate to run in 2011.

The ACT seemed to flow the predictions. The attempt to build the swing against Labor into a favourable narrative for the Liberals seems a bit of a stretch – the swing went to the Greens and minor parties. When you boil it down to the total number of seats, Labor lost 2, the Libs regained the seat they had lost when Richard Mulcahy left the party, and the Greens gained 2. So, it might reflect badly on Labor, but this was not a two-party contest.

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Tim Dunlop notes the official resignation of Iemma from politics, and expresses a hope for the Opposition to stop tripping over its own feet:

The people of NSW just have to hope that the Opposition can get themselves together over the next few years—and there are some positive signs—and offer a viable alternative to this tired, ruined Labor Government.  Talk about the need for a new broom….

It’s a reasonable enough hope – the Labor Right has fallen to bits and it isn’t clear that the factional wars within the party are behind them. But especially after the recent council elections, the Greens should be looking at New South Wales in 2011 as a golden opportunity to take a genuine chunk of the lower house vote. While the ALP were punished in the local government voting, their vote did not all go across to the Liberal Party. The Greens did very well, and if they can aim to capture the disillusioned Labor voters who do not want to move further to the right, as well as capitalising on the traditional Greens values, then they should be able to make a good run at becoming a genuine third power on Macquarie Street.

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Steve Fielding:

The Federal Government’s luxury car tax bill has been defeated in the Senate after Family First Senator Steve Fielding and the Opposition combined to vote against it.

“The Government could do something if they wanted to to get this measure through,” he said.

“There’s no way that Family First can vote for a bill that’s going to put up a tax for farmers and tourism, that’s just crazy.

“They’re already doing it so tough at the moment.”

Treasurer Wayne Swan told Radio National that Senator Fielding’s requested amendments would have been a “compliance nightmare.”

Correctamundo, Mr Swan.

It’s an interesting start to the Senate’s activities – the Greens negotiated and achieved what seems a reasonable outcome, while it’s one of the two Jokers in the deck who stymied the Bill. Meanwhile, the Opposition appears to remain committed to taking its role literally – meaning that it’s the Greens, Mr FF and Mr X who Labor will be talking to.

If there are ongoing issues with the legislation relating to fiscal policy, the extent to which the different parties have negotiated in good faith might become quite relevant to the double dissolution prospects. But this is only the very first instance in what looks set to be an interesting series of events.

ELSEWHERE: John Quiggin and Andrew Bartlett have both written about the double dissolution prospects. Over at Public Polity, Sam has pointed to Kevin Rennie’s analysis of the relatively small cost that Fielding’s argument was based on.

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No, not here. At other places.

OpenAustralia now has Senate coverage.

The Greens Senators now have their new home.

And in good old post-Olympic fashion, Possum Comitatus is turning pro.

And what about the traditional media? The Australian and the other News sites still have their same shitty systems. Moderation queues that move in highly mysterious. No trackbacks. And a corps of largely pathetic commentators who focus on grinding their respective axes (AGW denialism, Costello for Christ!, Protect the Kids, Someone Please Take the Heiner Affair Seriously, Bloggers Sux, etc.). And Fairfax hasn’t even managed to master the necessity of fine-grained RSS feeds and engagement with the blogosphere.

Get your fact and balance from them. Get the good stuff elsewhere.

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Here’s how you take part in the show yourself, to raise the questions you thought the ABC would never ask.


As well as watching the program, please think about asking questions of Christine and the other panellists – about the Senate and balance of power, about the Garnaut Review, about appropriate responses to climate change, peak oil and the trasnport crisis, or anything at all that interests you!

Go here to submit a question online. Or you can SMS a question during the program to 197 55 222 – costs 55c including GST.


Andrew your presence alone will raise the IQ level of the program by at least 3 notches.

Just a few tips suggested for your big night out.

When the music stops,you race for a chair of your likening-the centre one would be OK.That one harbours all Goose Jones’s auto cues & prompts.He simply can’t perform without them.

Don’t let Goose upstage you.If he introduces you just like he announced at the end of last week’s program as “Andrew Bolt-columnist & climate change skeptic”-challenge his reason for stating the additional introductory narrative.It should have no bearing on what is supposed to be an open forum of audience & viewer questions.Sorry ignore that-it does,as I forgot Goose personally selects all the questions & answers.

Take an aerosol can of disinfectant just in case you need to spray a particular chair offered.
You will know from past programs the chairs that need cleansing.We don’t want you picking up any bugs from past goons that may later effect your rational thinking.

Answer only questions from the floor.If Goose wants to distract & ask you his questions, suggest to him that he applies in writing for a interview on Fateline at a convenient date to you.

I think you may be surprised at the warm reception you will receive from the floor.There must be some clear thinking individuals sitting somewhere in the group.Surely all the studio audience can’t be fools or planted stooges ?

Can they?

Above all,just relax & enjoy the experience.Go get ‘em Andrew. Your fan club will be watching.

John (Reply)
Mon 07 Jul 08 (10:27am)

And Greens supporters don’t want me, either:

Oh no! I was looking forward to watching it until I read that Bolt was going to be on there too. Ah well, give ‘em hell, Senator Milne


As for the Dolt on the Hun, i expect him to recite the usual right think lies – don’t stand on your manners, Ms Milne!

I thought the Greens stood for a superior, caring-sharing morality, with group hugs and all?

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A couple of videos to watch, if you haven’t already seen them, that highlight the important issues to consider in terms of voting for the Senate.

First, from GetUp:

Next, from the Greens:

And the Democrats:

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