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Do something

GetUp! has made an ad about Labor’s emissions targets:

Fundraising here to air it during the Boxing Day test.

Stage 2 of the campaign should be getting all Australians to throw their shoes at the TV when it airs.

Elsewhere, Guido suggests it was silly not to expect that Labor would shaft the environment when it came to the crunch.

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Good to see that GetUp! has launched a campaign against Conroy’s filter. Aside from the fact that it’s an initiative worthy of strong opposition, it seems to me that it might help to establish GetUp’s credibility as an independent movement among those conservatives who write it off as an ALP spinoff – this campaign takes aim at a policy that is 100% Labor and has no connection to the Howard era.

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GetUp! has a compelling clip for its campaign to end mandatory detention:

and Red Symons makes a long-awaited return that makes good use of both Obama’s skill with cadence and Red’s smooth editing work:

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Reduce the stupid

GetUp’s latest campaign does the job nicely:

Help get the ad on as many TV screens as possible.

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