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xkcd is funny.

Don’t forget to hover your mouse over the comic strip for the bonus text.

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Prop 8 – The Musical

Allison Janney and Neil Patrick Harris and singing sodomy, oh my!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Thank You

Why wouldn’t you love Sarah Palin as much as these people? She’s like an episode of Seventh Heaven with turkey slaughter bonus footage:

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xkcd strikes the funny bone:


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That Guy

When I grow up, I want to be a senior political analysis campaign advisory consultant:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Some very slick work by Hugh Atkin and Alastair Corrigall, building on Hugh’s earlier Barackrolling vid:

UPDATE: The video has been posted to Eschaton; you’re a celebrity now, Hugh.

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Passed Over

Hugh Atkin’s latest effort:

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A hoot

This reinforces the positive feeling I have toward Helen Clark:

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says she is not offended by a booklet handed out to media by the Australian Government, which implies she is a control freak.

“I thought it was a hoot and I don’t propose to release the one I have for Mr Rudd,” she said.

She says the briefing notes she has on Mr Rudd are “similarly hootish”.

Ms Clark says she is surprised DFAT would use a booklet drawn up at the last election.

When she was asked by journalists if the booklet was accurate her answer was no comment.

Of course, if this had come out before the last Bledisloe Cup match it might have been a different story.

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Obama-Astley ’08

Rock on:

And the running mates are both on message:

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John McCain ran an ad comparing Obama’a celebrity status to Britney and Paris. Paris Hilton responds.

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