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It’s time to continue our examination of the upcoming elections in Ecuador, which we commenced last month. Before getting stuck into things, I should note that you can access a list of the ElectionWatch posts by clicking on the election countdown in the sidebar. Also, if keeping an eye on Ecuador isn’t enough for you, Ben Raue at the recently-relocated Tally Room has been publishing a series of 2009 election previews.

Last month, I noted that Ecuador is a democratic Presidential republic and that the 2009 elections would be the first under a newly-approved Constitution. Let’s take a closer look at the recent political background.


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This post begins a new, ongoing feature here at Not a Hedgehog. The idea for it came up during a discussion I had with Bron from GrodsCorp – we were discussing our enjoyment of the sixth and seventh seasons of the West Wing, and lamenting the absence of adrenaline-inducing campaign action in our lives after a couple of years of non-stop electioneering in the English-speaking world (Australia, USA, Canada, NZ, NT, WA, etc.).

But then it occurred to me – while “teh West” serves as a shining beacon of democracy and liberty, surely not every other country is a tinpot dictatorship? Some parts of the non-English speaking world get to vote in (non-rigged) elections, right? And there’s bound to be an election coming up somewhere. So why don’t we just find an upcoming election and fix our attention on what’s happening in a different part of the world? (more…)

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