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QLD: Vote early, vote often

Polls seem to suggest a close one. Get your Antony Greens on at the ABC election site, and there’s blogging at Crikey’s place. Of course, everyone south of Queensland has the advantage – they can bring Queenslanders the election results from the future.

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This is what a close election looks like: 1,209,188 vs 1,209,183 at the time of writing. You can also have a look at what the contested ballots look like.

In other news on the Minnesota ballot changes, Nate Silver notes that the Canvassing Board thinks Brett Favre is less likely to be a real person than are Lizard People. He also reports on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling on the procedure for counting wrongfully rejected ballots.

UPDATE: As of Saturday morning, Franken appears to have taken the lead – but obviously, this is far from settled.

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Vote early, vote often

It’s Victorian council election day. The Poll Bludger had a preview a couple of weeks back; no sign of coverage yet on the ABC Elections page; official info should come through on the VEC site.

UPDATE: Ben Raue at The Tally Room will be tracking the results.

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US Wish List check-up

How did I do?

  1. Darcy Burner is in a close race, but trailing at the moment. But with only 71% of precincts reporting, it is far from over.
  2. Elizabeth Dole was beaten soundly.
  3. California Proposition 8 succeeded, banning same-sex marriage in the state. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed by this result – it shows just how much more work there is to do to eliminate all forms of discrimination, even from the so-called liberal parts of society.
  4. Al Franken is in an incredibly close race – only a couple of hundred votes separating him from Norm Coleman. Under Minnesota law, there will be an automatic recount.

Finally, one item I forgot to include on the wish list was the defeat of Senator Tubes. Unfortunately, the convicted criminal is holding onto the lead in the Alaska Senate race. Rachel Maddow has an interesting Doomsday scenario if Stevens wins but then has to resign.

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They’ll always have Wellington

There’s more Antipodean election festivities happening today, and one that the conservatives might take some consolation in – Helen Clark’s Labour government is tipped to lose power in NZ. To get some views on NZ politics from different ideological perspectives, I would recommend No Right Turn and Kiwiblog.

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As we saw the Liberal Party do last year, the Republicans begin the process of apportioning blame. And suddenly, Andrew is willing to listen to bad words spoken about Sarah Palin – even from anonymous sources.

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Teh Right

Credit where it’s due to the Bolt and Blair audience – they have largely been graceful and accepting of the election result. While Andrew started out handling the defeat pretty well, his inability to keep from injecting snippy remarks into every update. My favourite came right at the end:

Now he’s doing his “yes, we can” riff, and it’s draining away into slogans. He finishes on this limp note, but the music is soaring. On walks his wife, Michelle, pumping a clenched fist with a fierce grin. Hmm.

A “fierce grin”? Is that like a terrorist fist jab?

Andrew also picked up on one of the hot themes from the conservative commentators – Obama won because his race helped him. That’s right – black people are racist. Bastards. Even Janet says so.

But the angry right has come out a bit further on other sites. Trawl the comments at Little Green Footballs for some good examples. Not my President. America is doomed. Israel is doomed. I’m leaving the country. Time to secede. And that’s after the more dramatic comments have been deleted.

Of course, there’s  bound to be plenty more to come from bitter conservatives. GrodsCorp is on A Western Heart watch. Kudos to those who have taken it on the chin, but I’m going to reserve the right to have a laugh at those who have fulfilled their own caricature of Teh Left.

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The most obvious question for me about this 2008 election – did News Ltd. contribute to the cost of Tim Blair flying to Chicago to produce this shit?

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Nate says it’s done

So it’s done. Congratulations, President-Elect.

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Wish List

I’m far from being across all of the contests in the US elections, but there are a few results I hope to see:

  1. Darcy Burner (whose house burned to the ground during the campaign) winning in WA-08.
  2. Elizabeth Dole (who recently ran an ad suggesting that her opponent is a godless heathen) losing the Senate race in NC.
  3. California’s Prop 8 (overturning the constitutionality of same-sex marriage) failing.
  4. UPDATE: I forgot Al Franken in Minnesota. But he’s looking a chance.

NB: No wishing necessary for Obama at this point.

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