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Some brilliance from a commenting Bolthead:

On the Right we have – Andrew Bolt, Gerard Henderson, Janet Albrechtsen & Piers Ackerman


On the Left we have – David Marr, John Faine, Kerry O’Brian, Tony Jones, Philip Coorey, Brian Toohey, Peter Hartcher, Misha Schubert, Jason Koutsoukis, George Megalogenis, Glen Milne(depending on who’s in Government), Philip Addams, Richard Carlton, Dennis Shanahan, Michael Costello, Annabel Crabb, Laurie Oakes, Michael Brisenden, Lenore Taylor, Michelle Gratten, Gerard McManus, Michael Harvey and any other that you may want to add to the list.

That’s right – the GG’s finest, the Poison Dwarf and ace pollster Dennis Shanahan, have been outed as lefties. And they’ve been concealing it so well. Not to mention the decidedly even-handed Megageorge.

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