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Dolly goes topsy-turvy

So, Malaysia ratified the Kyoto protocol on 4th September, 2002, has committed to join the successor to Kyoto, and its government has been proactive in dealing with climate change. But when its Trade Minister suggested that Australia and the United States were grandstanding in their push for an APEC climate change agreement, what was Dolly’s response?

“I think in the end Malaysia will agree with us that the issue of climate change is a very important issue and needs to be addressed,” he said.

“It needs to be addressed by the world community and Australia is part of the world, and so is Malaysia, and so is China and the United States.”

Yes, I think in the end they will agree with you – because you will have begun to agree with them.

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Look out!

It’s a “violent protestor”! Look, he even admits to running people over and smashing up their homes and torturing them! This is the feral left Andrew Bolt warned us about! Run for your lives!

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Oh, FFS Kevin!


Federal Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says violent protests at this week’s APEC summit in Sydney should be met with the full force of the law.

“That would have my entire support, we cannot have violent protest in this country, Mr Rudd said.

“People, if they want to put [forward] their point of view can do so peacefully, that’s the Australian way. Violent protest is not the Australian way.”

How about challenging the assumption that the protests will be violent? And how about raising the issue that protestors do not have any capacity to put their point of view peacefully in a way that will reach the eyes and ears of the leaders?


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Non-violent, non-seen, and non-heard

Jeremy Sear points out the extent to which reality is being distorted to support the idea that violent protests are being planned for APEC.

But of course, the APEC organisers, and the media who have gone through the extensive preparatory workshops for APEC, are probably getting their information about how to handle demonstrations from such wonderful sources as the “Presidential Advance Manual” [here is a link to the 212kB PDF of the (redacted) manual]. Among other things, the manual tells organisers of Presidential visits:

Preparing for Demonstrators

There are several ways the advance person can prepare a site to minimize demonstrators. First, as always, work with the Secret Service and have them ask the local police department to designate a protest area where demonstrators can be placed, preferably not in view of the event site or motorcade route.

Remember – avoid physical contact with demonstrators! Most often, the demonstrators want a physical confrontation. Do not fall into their trap! Also, do not say or do anything that might result in the physical harm to the demonstrators. Before taking action, the Advance person must decide if the solution would cause more negative publicity than if the demonstrators were simply left alone.

So, remember that all of this APEC build-up is required because (i) George Walker Bush is not allowed to see anyone who disagrees with him, and (ii) demonstrators are dirty violent hippies who want to be beaten by police officers.

As our own fearless leader tells us:

It’s all the fault of those threatening violence.

PS: So that’s what happened to Anne Fulwood.

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Greg Sheridan hates America

Well, it’s as close as he’s likely to get to it.

According to Sheridan Bush Administration II is a pale imitation of Bush Administration I. You remember the first term of the Bush administration, right? The one where, instead of skipping meetings, the Secretary of State turned up at the United Nations and fed them a bunch of bogus information to justify the invasion of Iraq? Of course, reports suggest that Colin Powell isn’t too happy about the snow-job he was an accomplice in anyway. And he may well have been a lot more sensible and a lot less Bushie than Rice. But it just goes to show that when you have incompetence at the top, the effects flow downward.

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Fuzzy logic

I hope this is untrue – because if Google is reducing the detail on its maps as part of APEC preparations, it seems incredibly stupid and pointless.

The public is free to wander around most of the Opera House and Circular Quay area. Any would-be terrorist could take a stroll around, snap plenty of pictures given the high tourist interest in the region, and spend as much time scouting and planning a possible attack as they like. I don’t see how blurring an overhead view would serve as an effective preventive strategy.

Using satellite maps for terrorism appears to be the new version of instructional bomb-making web sites – the fact that a technology might be used for criminal purposes generates a load of fear, even though there is little evidence that it has much effect in terms of actual events.

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