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This morning’s Insiders, hosted by Jim Middleton, showed me some things:

  • As much as I (and others) have lamented the level of debate in the media (including this show) since the Rudd era began, Barrie Cassidy has some talents. These include the ability to move around a TV set while appearing  natural, to find his spot without looking at the floor, and to minimise interruptions while ensuring everyone gets to say their piece in a coherent discussion. Hopefully he will have learned to pronounce “Barack” properly by the time the US show broadcasts next week.
  • George Megalogenis continues to impress me as being as close to objective in interpreting politics as anyone can be – his interactions with Bolt were interesting to say the least, and he hinted at some impending polling data that might have an impact on the rising level of stupid.
  • Andrew Bolt can bring the stupid in a very special way. Attempting to engage him in legitimate debate, as MegaGeorge did, will prompt him to lash out by repeating the same line over and over again.
  • Annabel Crabb appears to have adopted the “sketch writer” role in her TV appearances as well. Every time she approached the point of making an intelligent contribution, she seemed to spoil it by trying to be funny. She’s sexier when she concentrates on being clever and insightful.
  • Political cartoonists should be read and not heard.
  • Chris Uhlmann just plain shits me – I don’t find him interesting or informative.
  • Middleton isn’t an on-camera kind of journalist. He also lowered himself to trying too hard for “gotcha” response (“Is this party policy or not?” ad nauseam).
  • Warren Truss trod dangerously close to advocating a quadrupling of the stupid.

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