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Over at Catallaxy, Jason Soon has this to say about Watchmen:

Incidentally whoeever it was who played Kissinger was uncanny but did they have to give Nixon that horrible prosthetic nose?

Bolta will be spewin’ about this latest distortion from the Hollywood Leftists. Look forward to a column correcting the record about the reality of Nixon’s nose.

UPDATE: Michelle has a review of the film as well – perhaps not surprisingly, she scrubs all mention of the defamatory nose from her evaluation of the film.


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Bring back the Slatts

It’s time.

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Andrew Bolt asks:

Will the Left now demonise Kevin Rudd as it did John Howard?

Yes, yes, yes. Each and every time he does something that warrants it.

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The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme White Paper will be released tomorrow, and the cynicism is palpable. Michelle Grattan discusses the political tensions pointing the Rudd Government toward a low target for 2020 emissions reductions. Peter Wood has a cartoon that illustrates the problem with that “sensible centrist” approach. And Robert Merkel notes a pre-announcement that seems to be aimed at reducing the outrage that might be anticipated if tomorrow’s announcement does include a soft target.

Meanwhile, the Bananas in Pyjamas of the Australian commentariat are covering the big issues with their typical enthusiasm and scientific rigor. For instance, it’s cold and snowing in Poznan, Poland during December – obviously, that must be because Al Gore is fat (and nothing to do with an average maximum temperature of 3° and 17 days of precipitation). Meanwhile, I don’t think the word “may” means what Andrew Bolt thinks it means. While looking it up in the dictionary, he might also want to see whether he can find “shivvers”.

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A lesson in the Dirty Words

Honorable Shit For Brains = acceptable, civilised debate.

Nasty little twat = “undergraduate and vile abuse”

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It’s been a good week for psephologists. Across the Pacific, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com took my evil twin John to pieces. John Ziegler, a former talk radio host who has put together a web site, documentary and polling data to support his argument that Barack Obama was elected through the ignorance of Americans, spoke to Nate in an interview that ended like this:

NS: Thank you, have a good day.

JZ: Go fuck yourself.

Why is teh Right so angry?

Meanwhile on the home front, Possum has injected himself into Andrew Bolt’s tussle with “gossip site” Crikey. Following on from a dispute between Bolt and Jonathan Green over what Victoria’s crime statistics actually show about crime by African refugees, Possum has presented the evidence against Bolt’s assertions that (i) the rate of crime committed by African refugees is higher than among the general population of Victoria and that (ii) statements to the contrary by Christine Nixon helped to turn the electorate against Team Howard.

Both analyses are well worth reading – there’s nothing like watching the weight of evidence fall on clowns from a great height.

UPDATE: I would imagine most of my regular readers also follow TBBWP but, for those who don’t, here is my effort to get Andrew to take a serious look at what appear to be some shifty moderation practices on his site. So far, his only real response has been to label me a troll and suggest I pal around with racists.

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Still not sorry

… yet still a pathetic fucking liar.

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