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So say three judges.

Eric Black sets out the potential legal steps after this ruling but says:

The likeliest outcome — no matter whether Team Coleman takes their case to the U.S. Supreme Court and/or tries to get a fresh start in federal district court — is that Franken will be seated in the Senate in roughly May or June.


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Election over?

It’s official (until the lawsuit) – Franken by 225 votes.

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This is what a close election looks like: 1,209,188 vs 1,209,183 at the time of writing. You can also have a look at what the contested ballots look like.

In other news on the Minnesota ballot changes, Nate Silver notes that the Canvassing Board thinks Brett Favre is less likely to be a real person than are Lizard People. He also reports on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s ruling on the procedure for counting wrongfully rejected ballots.

UPDATE: As of Saturday morning, Franken appears to have taken the lead – but obviously, this is far from settled.

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