Is that Andrew Bolt de la Mancha?

xkcd is funny.

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Vale Ron Silver

I admired his work (Bruno Gianelli’s story about sailboat racing was one of the best-delivered homilies from The West Wing) and his political activism should be applauded, even though I didn’t agree with his stance on every issue. Ron Silver, gone too soon.

ELSEWHERE: At the Huffington Post, tributes from Frank Luntz, Paul Begala, and Robert Greenwald.

UPDATE: Aside from the kelp speech, this would go close to being my favourite Bruno moment:

Song for a Sunday

A warning – this one contains words of dirt and hate:


If a comedian takes your legitimate business news organisation to pieces, it’s probably not a good idea to respond by giving him more ammunition:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Honeymoon over

The latest Newspoll sees the 2PP at 56-44. Dennis wants Peter. Andrew wants Peter (but not just yet). Could it be time for the saviour to bring Peace on Earth? I hope the Rapturing comes soon, because I’m getting really bored with this.

Discussion at The Poll Bludger.

Over at Catallaxy, Jason Soon has this to say about Watchmen:

Incidentally whoeever it was who played Kissinger was uncanny but did they have to give Nixon that horrible prosthetic nose?

Bolta will be spewin’ about this latest distortion from the Hollywood Leftists. Look forward to a column correcting the record about the reality of Nixon’s nose.

UPDATE: Michelle has a review of the film as well – perhaps not surprisingly, she scrubs all mention of the defamatory nose from her evaluation of the film.

Stifling utility

Reading this excellent commentary from Peter Martin reminds me of Lawrence Lessig talking about free culture – watch the Flash presentation if you can.