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Suspended blogimation

Just a note that I’m between homes at the moment – my stuff is mostly in storage while I wait for my new place to become available. As a result, I mainly have Internet access only during normal working hours. I’ll be posting at Pure Poison when I can and may manage to post here occasionally, but rest assured I’ll be back to regular blogging as soon as I have a roof over my head.


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That science segment

… you know, the one I talked about doing regularly ages ago?

Well, it’s over here instead.

While some of your more low-brow blogs are busy down in the gutter with Tim Blair and The Australian, we’ll do our bit to get on with the task of writing about scientific evidence and the honest exchange of ideas.

UPDATE: Whaddaya know? It turns out we can multi-task! Jeremy has helped LP out with the blogpaper wars.

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Freebie Freeze

I’ve been too busy, between the Pure Poison launch and some work commitments, to plan a freebie for this week. Scheduled programming to resume next week.

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A new blog joins the Crikey stable. Four of us – plus you, I hope – against the “writing class”.

Visit. Read. Join in!

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Spoke too soon

This week has been more chaotic than I had hoped. Add to this the fact that politics has taken a back seat to tragedy. The opportunism and complete hypocrisy of folks such as Andrew Bolt, as well as the utter lunacy of some on the religious right, has been taken care of elsewhere. There’s really not much more to say about it – aside from those few feckless fuckwits, I’m heartened by the way people in general have responded – just at my workplace, there have been coordinated efforts to arrange financial and other assistance from the employers/management, unions, small groups of staff organising fundraising morning teas, etc. Everyone is pitching in, however they can.

Normal posting to resume at some stage – I’m not beyond all of the work pressures, have some other projects to attend to, and have some travel coming up, so I’m not locking anything in.

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After a weekend of bliss came three days of tireless labour. I’m returning myself to an upright position.

I didn’t miss anything important, right?

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Gone fishin’

I’m in the process of doing loads of work so I can take off for a pleasant weekend getaway tomorrow. No freebie this week; normal posting to resume next week.

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