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So say three judges.

Eric Black sets out the potential legal steps after this ruling but says:

The likeliest outcome — no matter whether Team Coleman takes their case to the U.S. Supreme Court and/or tries to get a fresh start in federal district court — is that Franken will be seated in the Senate in roughly May or June.

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Two Americas

Do these these polling breakdowns show why the Republicans are the party of tax cuts for the rich and the Democrats are the party of (relative) social welfare? Or do those policy platforms show why the voting in America breaks down in this way?

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While Americans and Australians wait to see what their respective stimulus packages end up containing, some foreign policy discussion is going on – Robert Farley and Matt Yglesias discuss the viability of the Human-Cylon Alliance.

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The Friday Freebie is where I share an online, open-access resource that I think readers might find interesting and useful. Each week, I will introduce a free resource that I think will be useful to teh angry Leftists – books, podcasts, web sites, etc. The aim is to compile a toolkit for understanding and advancing progressive ideals.

This week’s freebie comes courtesy of Dave Bath, who reminded me of a resource I knew about yet had forgotten. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was a pioneer in both making use of the Internet to provide information and in opening up the institution’s intellectual property to all, rather than limiting knowledge just to paying customers (students). They realised that they could serve society by doing so, while retaining the valuable asset that customers pay them for – assessment and the provision of qualifications.

The OpenCourseWare site began by putting the syllabus online for a few of MIT’s courses, but has reached a point where materials are online and publicly accessible for almost every course the university offers. It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to be educated and informed about a broad range of topics, including political issues.

The Political Science Department of MIT has courses covering a wide set of topics – some focused on the United States, others looking further afield or at general political principles. Some of the courses that I am going to read more about include:

If you find another topic that you’re interested in, either within political science or another part of the site, feel free to share it in the comments – and thanks once again to Dave for highlighting this great source of information and directed study.

Do you have a tip for future freebies? Contact me with any suggestions or requests.

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Do you remember how the 9/11 attacks happened, and then there was an investigation into whether anything could have been done differently to prevent it, and it turned out that the various government agencies hadn’t been sharing intelligence and information very well? And do you remember how George W Bush (“He Kept Us Safe“) fixed all of that, with his Department of Homeland Security and his daily briefings and his general level of awesomeness?

Well, as the Obama administration begins its plans to close Arkham Asylum Guantanamo Bay, it’s discovering just how effectively information is recorded and shared after seven years of Him Keeping Us Safe:


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Full coverage of the 2008 Golden Winger Awards for Excellence in Wingnuttery – hosted by George W Bush and “Popcorn Guy”.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Australia’s lowest honour is announced – and couldn’t have gone to a more deserving recipient.

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that would give Brian Harradine the shits:

President Obama plans to sign an executive order today reversing a Bush-era policy banning federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions, according to the Associated Press.

UPDATE, 4:40 pm: The president has signed the executive order.

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