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Vale Lorne

Numfar, do the dance of sorrow.

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So say we all:

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Vale Ron Silver

I admired his work (Bruno Gianelli’s story about sailboat racing was one of the best-delivered homilies from The West Wing) and his political activism should be applauded, even though I didn’t agree with his stance on every issue. Ron Silver, gone too soon.

ELSEWHERE: At the Huffington Post, tributes from Frank Luntz, Paul Begala, and Robert Greenwald.

UPDATE: Aside from the kelp speech, this would go close to being my favourite Bruno moment:

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If a comedian takes your legitimate business news organisation to pieces, it’s probably not a good idea to respond by giving him more ammunition:

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Over at Catallaxy, Jason Soon has this to say about Watchmen:

Incidentally whoeever it was who played Kissinger was uncanny but did they have to give Nixon that horrible prosthetic nose?

Bolta will be spewin’ about this latest distortion from the Hollywood Leftists. Look forward to a column correcting the record about the reality of Nixon’s nose.

UPDATE: Michelle has a review of the film as well – perhaps not surprisingly, she scrubs all mention of the defamatory nose from her evaluation of the film.

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If you haven’t seen this clip already, set aside eight and a half minutes and watch:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Just askin’

OK, here’s something that has nothing to do with politics but I thought I’d throw out there.

For some reason, the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” came into my mind recently. Since then, I’ve been remembering and reflecting on one scene that leaves me feeling totally creepy. It’s where the Leading Nerd (you know, the one who wasn’t Anthony Edwards) puts on a mask and has sex with the Hot Chick while she thinks he’s her boyfriend, the Head Jock. But it all works out well in the end, because it turns out he’s really good in bed and so she falls in love with him.

The thing that gets me is this – thinking on it now, I find it extremely creepy that a comedy film included a rape that worked out as being acceptable – after the fact – to the victim. But when I first saw this film in my formative years, I didn’t stop to think about it. Now this is “Revenge of the Nerds”, so I don’t imagine many in the film’s audience would have been engaging their faculty for critical thinking, but it just leaves me feeling unsettled.

So, I need to seek some opinions: Am I right in feeling creepy about this? And is it unusual that I didn’t feel that way all along?

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