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Vale Lorne

Numfar, do the dance of sorrow.

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Suspended blogimation

Just a note that I’m between homes at the moment – my stuff is mostly in storage while I wait for my new place to become available. As a result, I mainly have Internet access only during normal working hours. I’ll be posting at Pure Poison when I can and may manage to post here occasionally, but rest assured I’ll be back to regular blogging as soon as I have a roof over my head.

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So say we all:

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QLD: Vote early, vote often

Polls seem to suggest a close one. Get your Antony Greens on at the ABC election site, and there’s blogging at Crikey’s place. Of course, everyone south of Queensland has the advantage – they can bring Queenslanders the election results from the future.

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Honeymoon over

… and Zombie Law dead.

The latest Morgan poll shows a narrowing in the 2PP to 57-43. As William Bowe notes, it looks like a little shine is coming off the halo Labor picked up in handling the financial crisis, taking the back toward the ordinary blowout range they’ve occupied.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Julia Gillard’s handling of repealing WorkChoices and getting the Fair Work legislation through the Senate widens the gap again.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day

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xkcd is funny.

Don’t forget to hover your mouse over the comic strip for the bonus text.

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Vale Ron Silver

I admired his work (Bruno Gianelli’s story about sailboat racing was one of the best-delivered homilies from The West Wing) and his political activism should be applauded, even though I didn’t agree with his stance on every issue. Ron Silver, gone too soon.

ELSEWHERE: At the Huffington Post, tributes from Frank Luntz, Paul Begala, and Robert Greenwald.

UPDATE: Aside from the kelp speech, this would go close to being my favourite Bruno moment:

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Song for a Sunday

A warning – this one contains words of dirt and hate:

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If a comedian takes your legitimate business news organisation to pieces, it’s probably not a good idea to respond by giving him more ammunition:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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