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Poor Conroy – it looks like someone convinced Xenophon that kiddie pr0n is great.

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Thought for the day

It’s nearly a week since John Howard entered the political fray with two op-eds about the Howard legacy. Yet there’s barely been a stirt – from what I have seen, only Janet Albrechtsen has said much about it, and John Hewson’s writing has been getting more attention.

What is it with teh Left and not being rabid Howard-haters who react with rage and violent protest every time he opens his mouth? Why don’t we care about JWH any more?

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That science segment

… you know, the one I talked about doing regularly ages ago?

Well, it’s over here instead.

While some of your more low-brow blogs are busy down in the gutter with Tim Blair and The Australian, we’ll do our bit to get on with the task of writing about scientific evidence and the honest exchange of ideas.

UPDATE: Whaddaya know? It turns out we can multi-task! Jeremy has helped LP out with the blogpaper wars.

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After Whitlamesque comes “the worst since McMahon“.

Which analogical cliche will the Opposition pull out next?

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Honeymoon over

Having been out of action while the last few polls rolled through doesn’t seem to have mattered. The latest Newspoll shows the 2PP at 58-42 [PDF of results]. Rudd’s popularity is up; Turnbull’s is down. Turnbull’s net satisfaction is now down to +5, so he is approaching the point where just as many people are dissatisfied as are satisfied with his performance. Dennis says it’s all about the Libs imploding.

Discussion at The Poll Bludger.

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Song for a Sunday

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Freebie Freeze

I’ve been too busy, between the Pure Poison launch and some work commitments, to plan a freebie for this week. Scheduled programming to resume next week.

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