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Go to bed, Fred

Back to Law & Order with you.

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Blah Blah Blah

Hugh Atkin turns his attention across the Pacific:

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The Bomber-General?

A better consolation prize than an ambassadorship?

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Fiscal conservatism, hurrah. How about cutting needless bureaucracy and putting the savings into providing meaningful services to the citizens? And then spending any more that needs to be spent to make sure the services are up to scratch?

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I choose to end the hiatus now

Well, that was a longer break than originally planned. I was close to being burned out on a combination of work and personal life and needed to get clear of things for a while. Batteries are now somewhat recharged.

So, it’s time to get things happening again. Howard is gone, and Nelson is a doofus, so with any luck the menace of the Liberal Party is not a major threat for some time to come. However, Kevin Rudd is not my ideal man, and the Labor Government has already done some things that I am far from keen on (I can monitor and filter my own children’s Internet access, thank you). The economic situation is interesting, or perhaps threatening – it’s very strange that the domestic outlook is being pulled in competing directions by the ongoing strength of our own economy and the building tension coming out of the US market. There is finally something meaningful happening in the contest(s) to be the next US President. There are diplomatic tensions emanating from Antarctica, and claims of piracy on the high seas (yarrr!!!!). The Writers’ Guild of America is reminding us of exactly why unions are important, as they stand up to the power of the megacorporations that run Hollywood and ask for a fair share of the profits that come from their creative work. These are interesting times.

So let’s get on with it.

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